McCune Management Consulting, LLC

Representative Projects

Enterprise software developer – complexity of moving from a product line of point solutions to an integrated enterprise suite led to poor schedule performance and a degradation of quality

  • Reviewed current processes supporting product development, new product introduction, field roll-out, software releases and end of life
  • Determine need for an integrated, company-wide Product Life Cycle Management process
  • Developed plan to implement Product Life Cycle and Portfolio Management processes

Japanese network/telecom equipment manufacturer (Tokyo, Japan) – product design processes were not utilizing prior-art, preferred suppliers, or rigorous product introduction processes resulting in late introductions, slow production ramps and reduced opportunities for outsourcing

  • Managed Product Data Management (PDM) software and systems integrator selection
  • Developed software and system integrator selection process and managed selection
  • Successfully managed a Japanese team through translators (native speakers typically used)
  • Supported business process development through teams representing billion dollar divisions

Wireless broadband equipment and service supplier – legacy PDM system was hindering new product introductions which led to the decision to implement the MatrixOne PDM system

  • Developed engineering and business processes for new PDM system – 10 team members
  • Managed interface between process owners and system integrators; managing test schedules, bug fixes, customizations, data translations, and data migration
  • Managed data migration from legacy systems to the new PDM system