McCune Management Consulting, LLC

Representative Projects

Aspect Communications – non-competitive cost structure drove review of manufacturing strategy

  • Determined manufacturing and customer service outsourcing of servers would improve costs
  • Developed and implemented an outsource strategy through decision of scope, partner selection, and outsource implementation – projected to save $6-10M annually
  • Led 4 client teams to identify and implement changes to SCM processes
  • Developed selection criteria and managed the selection through a client team
  • Transferred manufacturing and repair of call center servers to outsource partner
  • Led the negotiations for a $200 Million, multi-year contract and JSA
  • Negotiated inventory sale to the contract manufacturer that included a procurement and materials handling cost markup over market price – over $2 million saved immediately
  • Completed project from RFP to first production order shipped in 6 months, per schedule

Telecommunications equipment developer – cost pressures and limited capabilities to scale operations compelled the decision to outsource manufacturing and field service operations

  • Developed a Joint Service Agreement with a major contract manufacturer in support of annual contract valued between $36 and $57 million, depending upon volume
  • Defined the supply chain processes (master scheduling, field returns, procurement, engineering change, etc) required to support an outsourcing strategy
  • Reduced cash-to-cash cycle time (A/P, A/R, & inventory) from 419 days to 218 in 3 months
  • Developed sales process for customized products (software, hardware, and service)

InVision Technologies – explosive growth in airport screening equipment business due to 9/11

  • Improved manufacturing processes to reduce cycle time 45%
  • Developed capacity plans for in-house and outsourced manufacturing, layouts, WIP changes, equipment, and headcount plans to support 5x production ramp in 6 months
  • Doubled process yields and decreased rework by half