McCune Management Consulting, LLC

Representative Projects

Web and data server manufacturer – rapid growth after IPO with business processes of a start-up led to late deliveries and risk of missing revenue in final quarter of fiscal year

  • Developed, implemented and managed material shortage process resulting in no late shipments due to material shortages for final month of fiscal year   enabling record revenue
  • Implemented dock-to-stock program for receiving inspection – reducing volume by 28%
  • Decreased receiving inspection time by 68% and reduced daily backlog by 96%

Web and data server manufacturer – rapid growth after IPO with business processes of a start-up led to late deliveries, excess inventory, and degrading margins

  • Developed, implemented and managed surplus inventory analysis process
  • Identified $8M of surplus inventory that was as risk of being obsolete – drove root cause process changes to prevent additional and managed process to consume most within a year
  • Identified $812K of obsolete inventory and drove plans to consume all of it in a year
  • Identified open-loop procurement processes that led to $20 million of obsolete inventory and $39 of surplus inventory
  • Drove reduction of on-order quantities by 22%
  • Developed aggregate supply and demand balancing processes to prevent excess inventory while reducing shortages

Electronics instrument manufacturer – excess inventory, poor on-time delivery performance, and degrading ROI necessitate a supply chain diagnostic to determine root causes and solutions

  • Assessed root causes of excess inventory for complex, vertically integrated manufacturer (from in-house semiconductor manufacturing, machining, plating, and sub-assembly through to final assembly and test)
  • Determined need for Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) to balance supply and demand
  • Identified hundreds of products with poor ROI and recommended a portfolio rationalization approach to trim unprofitable products
  • Developed prioritized implementation plan including supply chain strategy development, current initiative prioritization, portfolio rationalization, product lifecycle management, and Sales and Operation Planning (S&OP) implementation

Electronics instrument manufacturer – excess inventory and poor on-time delivery required a Sales and Operations planning (S&OP) process to balance supply and demand

  • Developed S&OP, demand management, and supply management processes
  • Conducted executive and staff training on S&OP
  • Determined system requirements to support new processes

Celestica – acquisitions and expansion led to disparate supply chain processes across 35 international manufacturing sites with no strategy or process to identify and share best practices

  • Developed global supply chain assessment process for use at 35 international sites
  • Coordinated the development of over 50 global supply chain processes with emphasis on strategic sourcing, commodity management, supplier qualification, and planning processes